Torrot kid’s bikes offer true power and control, showcasing the very best in electric off-road technology, for the champions of tomorrow.

Suitable for age 3-7 years



Torrot E10 Kids Motocross/Enduro Bike – 48v
The E10 has been designed to help guarantee the safety of children learning to ride. With a switchable motor (press button limiter – 50%) and 3 different power maps available via iPhone or USB, it allows for adjustable power from 350w – 1050w.
Light weight with incredible power it’s the perfect partner to help children learn gradually and progress competitively.
The E10 weighs less than gas powered alternatives, and the electric motor offers instant kick with speeds up to 40km/hr. Maintenance is minimal with a single charge lasting up to 3hrs – To further extend running times , the powerful Lithium battery is fully capable of being topped up without any reliability issues.
It’s safer too with no hot exhaust for kids to burn themselves, cleaner with no messy refuelling and much, much quieter – Leaving it less intimidating for learners whilst also keeping the neighbours happy!
Constructed from the best components available, including MITAS tyres, EBR suspension, chrome-molybdenum steel chassis, NIFO brake callipers, aluminium swing arm with hydraulic adjustable shock absorber, programmable clutch controller and brushless 48v motor.
Faster, safer and silent, the E10 is positioned light years ahead of the competition.